Customer Charging Policy

Last Updated:

February 21, 2024

1. Add-On Credits

1.1 All add-on Credit purchases are subject to a minimum of 5 Credits.

1.2 Charges for add-on Credits incurred by Customer which have not been pre-paid will be invoiced to Customer on a monthly basis and payable upon receipt of invoice.

2. Add-On Licenses

2.1 Fees for any add-on Licenses will be applied on a pro-rata basis based on the number of calendar months remaining in the relevant Subscription Year.

2.2 Any add-on Licenses purchased in a given Subscription Period will be included and charged for in subsequent Subscription Periods, unless otherwise requested by Customer and agreed by the parties in advance of the relevant Subscription Period renewal.

3. Booking and Consultation Fees

3.1 Booking Fees. 

(a) A Customer’s first engagement with a particular Expert after having been Matched by an OnFrontiers Research Manager pursuant to a User’s Expert Request shall be subject to a Booking Fee, as follows:

(b) Booking Fees are deemed incurred at the time that a Customer schedules their first Consultation with a Matched Expert.

3.2 Consultation Fees. 

(a) Access Plan Customers pay a Consultation Fee when their Users engage an Expert from the OnFrontiers Marketplace, as follows: 

4. Consultation Minimums and Time Increments for Follow-up Call Consultations

4.1  Charges for follow-up Call Consultations with an Expert from the OnFrontiers Marketplace are subject to a thirty (30) minute minimum. 

4.2  Charges for follow-up Call Consultations in excess of the minimum will be rounded up in five (5) minute increments. 

4.3  Time charges are based on the elapsed period between the Start Time, calculated to be the later of the scheduled start time of the call or the time the Expert joins the call, until the End Time, calculated to be the later of when the Customer or Expert  terminates the call or the minimum time applicable in relation to the Start Time. In the case of calls that disconnect due to technical difficulties rather than intended termination by Customer or Expert, time charges will be based on actual call time elapsed.

5.  Consultation Cancellation and Rescheduling; Cancellation Fees

5.1 If Customer cancels or reschedules a confirmed call Consultation at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled Consultation start time, or cancels a written Consultation no later than twenty-four (24) hours after a Marketplace Expert has confirmed acceptance of such Consultation, then no Consultation Fee is charged for such canceled or rescheduled Consultation.

5.2 If Customer cancels or reschedules a call Consultation fewer than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the call Consultation’s scheduled start time, or cancels a written Consultation more than twenty-four (24) hours after a Marketplace Expert has confirmed acceptance of such Consultation, the Customer will be charged 75% of the Consultation Fee that was agreed at the time of booking.

5.3 For each Consultation that is canceled, Customer will be charged a Cancellation Fee of one (1) Credit to cover administrative expense. The Cancellation Fee is waived if the Consultation is rescheduled and the act of rescheduling occurs within five (5) business days of the date of cancellation.

6. Customer and Expert No-Shows

6.1 If a booked Consultation has not been canceled in advance of the scheduled Start Time, then in the event the Customer does not join such Consultation within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled Start Time,  the Expert shall be permitted to terminate the Consultation at the fifteen (15) minute mark and Customer will be charged in full based on the booked duration of the Consultation. 

6.2 If the Expert fails to join within fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled Start Time of a Consultation, Customer may cancel such Consultation without penalty.

7. Ancillary Services

7.1 Customers will pay OnFrontiers a Fee for Ancillary Services as follows:

8. Waiver of Customer’s Non-Solicitation Obligations

8.1 Customer’s non-solicitation obligations pursuant to Section 4 of OnFrontiers’ Terms of Service shall be deemed waived by OnFrontiers upon payment by Customer to OnFrontiers of a Non-Solicitation Waiver Fee, as follows:

8.2 All Non-Solicitation Waiver Fees shall be due and must be received by OnFrontiers prior to commencement of the relevant Off-Platform Services.

8.3 Engagement or solicitation of Experts for Off-Platform Services without payment of a Non-Solicitation Waiver Fee pursuant to the terms of this Charging Policy may subject Customer to liability for liquidated damages under OnFrontiers’ Terms of Service.

9. Definitions

Any defined terms used in this Customer Charging Policy but not defined herein shall have the meanings assigned to them in the OnFrontiers Terms of Service.