Find the Best Experts for Any Requirement

Access expertise with speed and precision. Uncover experts currently hidden from your recruitment and talent management teams.

Collaborate and Deliver for Your Clients

Build teams with key personnel in minutes. Collaborate and exchange knowledge efficiently in a secure and compliant environment.

Reach Your Team’s True Potential

Utilize rich expertise data to make better decisions, drive strategy, and build a stronger, more connected organization.

OnFrontiers Expertise
Intelligence Platform

Profiles Built For and
On Behalf of Users

OnFrontiers integrates with your existing ecosystem of tools and platforms to automatically create knowledge profiles. These profiles highlight each person's unique experience, painting a clear picture of what they can do and what they know.

Our data goes deeper than the information provided in a traditional CV by transforming one piece of information into hundreds of searchable, detailed data points about their experience.

Connects your employees, consultants, and alumni based on knowledge, skills, and expertise

Automatically create detailed knowledge profiles for each expert.

Powerful search engine to find and connect with relevant expertise

Proprietary and secure for each organization.

Employees perfect their profiles to reflect their interests and focus areas.

Expertise at the Fingertips of Front-line Teams 

OnFrontiers puts a powerful expertise search engine in the hands of your frontline teams, surfacing hidden expertise within, and outside, of your organization. Use OnFrontiers to go beyond the “usual suspects” to give you a competitive advantage in building teams of key personnel.

Connects your employees, consultants, and alumni based on knowledge, skills, and expertise

AI-powered engine to extrapolate knowledge and skills, making expertise discoverable

Detailed knowledge profiles for each expert

Powerful search engine to find and connect with relevant expertise.

Proprietary and secure for each organization

AI-powered knowledge generation makes it easy to find the right expert.

Saved searches and shortlists to coordinate with colleagues and embed in workflows.

All of Your Experts in One Place

Harness your total expertise sitting within your organization, your alumni and consultant base, and augment this expertise through a marketplace of over 100 subject matter experts.

100k+ External Experts
Your Team
Your Organization
Your Alumni

Our Two Modules Create a "One-Stop Shop” for Expertise

OnFrontiers Harness

Put the unique expertise of your internal employees, consultants, and alumni at your fingertips. Get insights into team members with experience at key organizations, hidden talents, and strong networks.
  • Automatically create and populate employee knowledge profiles from your existing systems.
  • OnFrontiers AI automatically enriches limited information with rich data insights about what a person knows, the organizations they have experience with, and the projects they've worked on.
  • Give employees complete control over their knowledge profiles to highlight their unique expertise and capabilities.
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OnFrontiers Access

Augment your expertise and push into new practice areas with a complete suite of tools to find and manage engagements with 50,000+ external experts.  
  • Immediately Access a network of 50,000+ experts and go deeper than what’s on a resume/CV.
  • Built-in tools to securely manage external relationships such as NDAs and legal guidelines.
  • Receive notes, recordings, and insights about your engagements hosted through Access.
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