Who we work with

We partner with companies reaching for their next frontier

Our customers are reaching for new heights — seeking to step change performance from where they are and take that forward into new areas entirely — by harnessing their workforce expertise in new ways.  

Trusted By Leading Organizations Across The World

What we do

We offer a system of record for human expertise

We map individual expertise into a 3-dimensional space encompassing experiences earned, skills developed, and knowledge retained. By formalizing this mapping, we enable individuals to put forward their unique expertise to maximize their opportunities and impact.

We solve the data intelligence challenge that prevents organizations from fully utilizing their most valuable asset

We ingest your customer data and translate it into actionable insights about skills and knowledge to connect the right expert with the right opportunities.

We create connections based on what you know, not who you know

We believe opportunities should be based on your skills and experience, not your connections. Great experts are passed over every day because they don't know the right people or have the perfect resume. We provide a more direct and inclusive means of uncovering talent.

We help front-line professionals build better teams to deliver for clients and accelerate revenue

Our core users are front-line knowledge workers assembling the project teams that will garner and serve new clients. We turbocharge their ability to succeed by surfacing the exact right expertise for any project at hand.

We break down silos that block the free flow of expertise

Silos stifle innovation and progress. They exist across business units and geographies, within and between companies. We help our customers see knowledge and skills horizontally across these layers.

Our Values

Trust First

Building trust is at the center of everything we do.  We consciously build trust in our team and in each relationship within our team.  We earn the trust of our customers and experts by maintaining industry-leading security, privacy, and business practices. 

Triple Pride

We seek to create an environment where each team member feels pride in their work, in their team's impact, and in our company. Any one of those that is not at 10/10 gives us an opportunity to up our game.

No Silos

A more connected organization creates better outcomes for its customers. We model the behavior we seek to impart to our customers by building connections across functions, being transparent about company business, and having a flat organizational structure.

Be Open

We have no tolerance for ego over discussion. Everyone should be able to question and debate others' ideas whether you are an intern or the CEO.

Our Team

We are a lean, nimble, distributed team working around the globe, building a critical foundation of the future of work. 

Brian Caouette
Chief Executive Officer
Business Design
Enterprise Partnerships
Knowledge Management
Public Policy
Kyle Teague
Chief Technology Officer
Machine Learning
Signal Processing
Embedded Systems
Becky Ying Zhang
Senior Director of Finance, Operations, and Compliance
Consumer Products
Energy & Natural Resources
Financial Administration
Morgan Johnson
Director of Sales
Government & Public Policy
Government, Aid and International Bodies
Enio Borges
Director of Customer Operations
Remote Operations Management
Customer Experience
Service Automation
Data Analysis
Project Management
Camille Linson
Head of Strategy & Legal
Data Privacy
Cross-Border Services
Business Structuring
Software Licensing
Nishant Gupta
Head of Data Engineering
Agile Frameworks
Data Engineering
Software Development
Julie Motlagh
Head of Customer Success
Customer Success Management
B2B SaaS
HR Technology
Kudzai Mabika
Head of Fulfillment
Expert Networks
Customer Experience
B2B SaaS
Business & Professional Services
Joanne Lim
Research Manager
Business & Professional Services
General Law
Brett Cornwright
Marketing Manager
Content Marketing
Digital Marketing
B2B SaaS Marketing
Marketing Technology
Marketing Automation
Andrew Hollander
Business Development Representative
Business Development
Solution Selling
Inside Sales
Derek Willis
Strategic Projects
Expert Networks
Knowledge Management
International Development
Global Health
Evolutionary Learning for Policy Makers