Service Level Standards

Last Updated:

April 8, 2023

1.Website Availability

1.1 OnFrontiers will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the Website will be available at least 99.9% of the time subject to Maintenance and other Exclusions. Availability is measured monthly and calculated as follows: (total – downtime + excluded)/total * 100) ≥ 99.9. Where:

  •     total means the total number of minutes over the previous month;
  •     downtime means minutes during which the Subscription Service is not available; and
  •     excluded means any Maintenance and other Exclusions described in Section 2 below.
2. API’s Availability

2.1 OnFrontiers will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that APIs meet the following minimum standards with respect to uptime, rate limits, and payload limits.

TypeDefinition UptimeRequest Rate LimitsPayload Size Limits
Data Ingress API’s

API’s that deal with data ingestion from Customer systems99.9510 request per minute, per API, per CustomerMax message size of 1MB
Data Egress API’s

API’s that deal with returning data from OnFrontiers systems

10 requests per minute, per API, per Customer

Max message size of 1MB
3. Maintenance & Other Exclusions

3.1 The Website will not be considered to be unavailable for any outage that results from any maintenance performed by OnFrontiers (i) of which Customer is notified at least 24 hours in advance; or (ii) during OnFrontiers’s then-current routine maintenance windows (collectively referred to herein as “Scheduled Maintenance”). In addition, the Website will not be considered unavailable for any outage due to (i) Customer network unavailability or bandwidth limitations; (ii) issues arising from bugs or other problems in the software, firmware or hardware of Customer or any third parties; or (iii) factors outside of OnFrontiers’s reasonable control, including any Force Majeure events as listed in Section 16 of the General Customer Agreement.

4. Support Contact and Availability

4.1 OnFrontiers customer support will be available, as follows:

Telephone support+1(212) 203-900524 hrs per day M-F
24 hrs per day M-F
Online live chat supportonfrontiers.com24 hrs per day M-F
Online support librarysupport.onfrontiers.com24 hrs / 7 days a week

4.2 Calls/emails received outside of regular business hours in New York will be attended within 8 hours of receipt by OnFrontiers.

4.3 All availability hours exclude public, bank and national holidays in New York.

5. Service Requests

5.1 OnFrontiers will respond to service-related incidents and/or requests submitted by Customer within the following timeframes.

PriorityDefinitionInitial Response TimeUpdates from Support
Critical issue that prevent users from using the main features of the product (ability to log in/sign up, ability to do searches, ability to view a profile)

30 minutes

Every 6 hours

Functional issue that relates to usability of main features of the product

1 hour

Every 24 hours
Documented functionality is unavailable for use, which is not Priority 1 or 2
3 hours

Every 72 hours
Queries regarding functionality or/and usage of certain features within the product
24 hours

No Updates provided