Chemonics International is Expanding their Innovative Partnership with OnFrontiers

Written by
Tom Schmedding
Published on
22 January 2021

A note from our CEO, Brian Caouette

When you are on a big mission, it’s important to be on the lookout for partners who can benefit significantly from what you are doing and can accelerate the path towards your goal. At OnFrontiers we view all our customers as partners – we work with them to change the possibility frontier for their organization – making them more agile, competitive, and expanding their impact. We tap into their active desire to reach higher and improve the way they work. When they win, we win.

The role of our customers as partners is not limited to making full use of the tools we have on offer today. They can also help shape what we build in 6, 12, and 24 months from now. In a sense, all of our customers are an extension of our R&D team. But it’s remarkable when some even connect our roadmap to a vision for their organization; rarer still is when they seek to shape those capabilities to raise the bar not just for themselves, but for their entire industry.

I couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with Chemonics International as an early adopter of two major product expansions. In the preceding years, our core product has become integrated into Chemonics’ operating model and became even more valuable during the pandemic period. More recently, it has been built into solutions delivered for their clients and beneficiaries around the world. We are now building on that foundation to deploy enterprise-wide offerings that harness Chemonics’ greatest asset – its people, partners, and knowledge – to tackle the world’s toughest development challenges. Thank you to Jamey Butcher, and the entire Chemonics organization for the partnership and trust placed in us.

And to our current and prospective customers seeking to raise the bar in their organizations – there has never been a better time to start a conversation about how we can partner with you. In the coming months you’ll learn more about game-changing technologies we are building that we believe every organization will rely on in the future. We want to share with you how Chemonics and other early adopters are putting those to use to become smarter on-demand, and similar to Chemonics, align our direction with your company vision.

Huge kudos to the OnFrontiers team on this important milestone!

Read more about Chemonis’ expanded partnership with OnFrontiers here

About OnFrontiers: Founded by Anne Kroijer and Brian Caouette, OnFrontiers makes organizations smarter, on-demand. The OnFrontiers platform and set of applications fundamentally change how organizations tap into and utilize their most valuable resource: knowledge. We are building an entirely new technology category to unlock the expertise stuck within organizations and source experts beyond it. We call it The Enterprise Knowledge Network. Innovative, forward-focused organizations use OnFrontiers’ network-building approach to access, harness, and distribute knowledge and reach their potential.

About Chemonics:From our founding in 1975, Chemonics has worked in more than 150 countries to help its clients, partners, and beneficiaries tackle the world’s toughest development challenges. We work alongside key stakeholders to help build reliable supply chains using data and end-to-end visibility, applying innovative techniques and technologies to expand our global supply chains’ reach to the farthest corners of the world to ensure sustainable systems that improve lives worldwide.